"What we do when we create music is tell a story
or paint a picture...but music is really EMOTION.
The musician creates from "the inner self" a
communication of these feelings and emotions...
and communicates them to the listener...
every note, every cymbal swell, every power cord,
every vocal dynamic is communicating
something to the listener. That is our mission."

~Joseph Scanlan, Drummer for She Has Issues


I'm going to email "Let it Burn" to my personal Tessera list today.
This is about 700 people.
I'm doing this because I can't get the damn song out of my head
and it's only fair to share that kind of suffering. ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

~ Adam King, Founder of The Tessera Method


"If you have not seen She Has Issues-what are you waiting for???  
This band is amazing!!!  
Such wonderful cohesion happens on stage with these very talented musicians!!!  
Where else can you see a virtuoso violinist rock the house?!  
I am telling are missing out!!! Highly recommended! :)"

~Jessica Rasche, Descension Rising


On "Lionel" 

(soldier tribute song)


I don’t know what to say…

Thanks so much for sharing “Lionel” with me.

I would love to hear about your inspiration for writing it. 

I have a video that I could share with you sometime

of my first flight into Iraq."    

~Scott Ebel, American soldier


"I just wanted to say that I love your music and that you stand up for what you believe in. I love `Fight,' I was looking around everywhere for someone who sang for animal rights but I couldn't find anyone. I was pleasantly suprised when I found you. Keep up the great work."


"OMG! I finally am off of work the same time the best singer in the world is performing. See you at the MOA Thursday. Your voice is so amazing. It seriously blows me away. I'm so happy for your success and wish you more throughout the holiday season. I'm going to get a yummy Caribou and sit and listen to you sing there. I'm totally excited. :-) "          
~Peter De Grande


"That is Awesome. I'm gonna try to make this for sure... you have an amazing voice and have not seen you since last year! "                
  ~Tony, Mixit Productions,


"I love your themes here Shawn...and you live your truth in such a 

wide variety of styles...Thanks for sharing them with us."

 ~Mario V. Ricci


On "Let It Burn:"

Songwriting guru/author/teacher John Braheny states:
"A very strong song. Vivid visual imagery.
Uplifting, positive and inspirational. It stops just this side of being
preachy. Tough to do that and you pulled it off with a great chorus.

Musically powerful - great dynamics - very effective structure
pre-chorus - goes from intimate and descriptive
to full emotional peak on the chorus."



Pat and Pete Luboff, authors of 88 Songwriting Wrongs 
and How to Right Them exclaim:
"This is an amazing song. We absolutely love it.
Everything about it is great. The message is huge.
Great production, vocal, unique, full of imagery, perfectly
centered on the title. Wow! Great musicianship.
This is a song the world needs!"


From Fame Games International (
"As briefly as we can: Wow!
This song is so good, in fact, that we've had to allow
for the first-ever "draw" on our show!

This is a killer pop-rock track and if there was any justice in this world,
it would be earning this artist tons of money even as we speak.
It's got `hit' written all over it.

Surely, many labels out there are looking for something exactly like this.
Very well done indeed."


Norine Braun of Braun & Brains Music:
"WOW! WOW! `Let it Burn'
is an absolute killer.
Excellent hooks, great imagery, your voice is
stunning and you are queen of dynamics and build!
The concept is universal,
wonderful production, you got it all!
I am sure it will burn up on the charts! Congratulations!
Thanks for sharing it with me.
Cheers, Norine"


From a Screener:
"Shawn, this song is a shining example of song craftsmanship.
It has a cohesive metaphor, imagery and rock solid structure.
Your production style and vocal delivery is huge. This presentation is very solid
so I will forward it. I wish you luck."


From Jody Whitesides,
"I came across Shawn recently and was like damn this is a pretty
darn cool song. So I contacted her about bloggin' about the song
here. She was cool about it. So here it goes…

I can kinda liken my situation to the story in Shawn’s song.
I’m working on stepping away from all that has been weighing
me down mentally. See lots of stuff moving forward. Putting some
junk in the past and moving on. That’s the whole concept behind
today’s song. I like this song on so many levels.
One thing is that Shawn’s vocal isn’t typical of most female
vocalists. She’s got a unique quality to her voice that feels
familiar but different at the same time. I can’t think of
another female vocalist to compare her to, yet I like it.
That’s a great quality to have in my mind (maybe you the
reader, listener has someone you can compare
it to - let me know).
The production is clean and precise without being distracting.

As you listen to the song several times you’ll start
little dabs of sound from different instruments here and
there. There’s a few riffs in there that are pretty standard
fair and probably in my mind would have been better left off,
but hey it’s not my song and despite those little cliché
bits they still work. They wouldn’t be cliché if they didn't
work. That’s the great thing about it. It’s the additional dabs
of painted sound in there that really pique my interest and
keep me listening toit over and over.

If you haven’t heard of Shawn Vougeot before, you
might want to keep it in mind.I think she’s got a good
start to success happening. Ooh… I just thought of someone
she could be similar to and I bet she’ll feel it's an
insult - Kelly Clarkson.
(Insert: No, Vougeot loves Kelly's sultry voice, so that is not
an insult. Thanks, Jody!)
Kelly has also stepped forward away from her past too,
a living example of Shawn’s song. BTW, Vougeot is
pronounced Voo-ZHOH. Buy her CD now!
You won’t be disappointed.
How can you with songs like this?"


On Performances:

"Dear Shawn,
It was great coming to your concert at Borders.
"We had a great time and the girls loved it. So
did I - you brought tears to my eyes more than
once. You have an incredible voice. Best of luck."


"Hi Shawn, I came, I saw, I heard, I marvelled!!
Yours is a voice and spirit that needs to be heard
and shared! Believe, work hard, believe, stay the
course and hold on to your faith.
Blessings will follow! Congratulations and God Speed!"
~Charlie Calvert



"I came across your name while looking through MN
artists on CD Baby... All I can say is WOW!!!.. Your
singing and music is incredible. Very world class and is
of the quality of what one would hear from a famous
performer. Big things are yours for the taking with
this kind of talent."
~Nancy Lukes