This is it! This is the song that won The 2003 Great American Song Contest of among over 3,000 other songs!

"Walls of Glass" was co-written and -produced with prominent Canadian producer Dave Pickell (Lara Fabian, Bryan Adams). Dave is an amazing and goofy person, and an absolute joy to work with. Since working with this great talent was a life-changing experience, I'll make a short story long about how I came to work with him.

A couple of years ago at a Barnes & Noble music playstation, I randomly chose to listen to a new artist: Lara Fabian. I was in tears before the end of her first song, "Adagio." Amazing song. My first thought was, "I have to work with this producer. This may as well have been me singing this song." So with the help of this fantastic resource called the internet, I connected with Dave Pickell, and arranged to fly out to Vancouver for a week. Dave and I connected immediately on artistic, intellectual, and humorous levels. On the first day, our opening meeting began with me firmly stating, "Dave, I am not leaving here without a hit song." He paused for a moment and replied, "Well okay then. It is finished. A hit song it will be." Starting from nothing, together we wrote and produced "Walls of Glass" before the week was over.

Within one year, "Walls of Glass" won the Grand Prize in the international Great American Song Contest of among over 3,000 songs worldwide.

...will the love i feel for you be enough to see you through
Walls of Glass (Click to Listen)

"Walls of Glass"

(Shawn Vougeot & Dave Pickell)

invisible to the naked eye
ten stories high
even though i tried to shatter
what has come between us
as we're lying face to face
still i'm alone
impossible to understand
when i'm holding you
i feel a line drawn in the sand
tell me did i come too close
to where you keep your secrets?
or is there something in your mind
you need to leave behind

Walls of Glass
staring at your own reflection
imprisoned by your own protection
all i ask
is to have a chance to let my love break through
'cause when i reach for you
i can't get past
Walls of Glass

are we wasting time?
should i turn and go
i wish these tears that fall
could tell me what i need to know
will you find the strength
to shine the light that you're hiding?
and will the love i feel for you
be enough to see you through


standing on the other side
i see a candle burning in the night
i believe that if we try
together, we can
take down, shake down, break down


so when i reach for you
i'll make it past
Walls of Glass


They did it again!
Shawn Vougeot's and Dave Pickell's newest HIT!

"Let It Burn"

(Shawn Vougeot and Dave Pickell)

at the end of a lonely street
stands the house of your memories
windows broken
door hangs open
paint is cracked and dry

every leaf scattered on the ground
every word meant to tear you down
one more possession
a dark collection
that keeps you trapped in time

hold on or move on
you can live inside the past forever, or


Let It Burn
turn your tears to ashes
yesterday's shadows will fade in the flames
don't let a world full of sweet disasters
stand in your way
all you heard
all you learned
if it hurts
Let It Burn

up the stairs with the boards worn through
feel the wind fill the empty rooms
walls are leaning
paper peeling
time for one last look

on the mantle, a picture frame
familiar smile, eyes that seem to say
"days are passing, don't make the bad things
more precious than the good"

let the sparks fly and smoke rise
you've been carrying the weight forever, so


if it's yours but you don't want it
it can only drag you down
you're where you are, not where you've come from
that's all over now

Let It Burn
Dave Pickell
His Brilliance, Dave Pickell

"I Have A Choice"
(Shawn Vougeot & Doug Hassman)

at the corner of sick and dead
alligators swimming through my head
felt my world coming to an end
sweet sixteen alone cryin' over lies he spread

my best friend came to me
to cure me of my misery
angel at the foot of my bed
she pushed away the clouds
i remember what she said, that

I Have A Choice
to be shackled or free
I Have A Choice
to be all that I can be
life has its lows
but now a can see
that I Have A Choice
and my choices create me
I Have A Choice
and my choices create me

ten years have come and gone
today i feel my life is all wrong
paralyzed, i'll stay in bed
the clouds came rolling in
'til i remembered what she said, that

- CHORUS x 3 - 


This song was inspired by the story of "Bluebeard" as told by Clarissa Pinkola EstÚs in her insightful and captivating book, "Women Who Run With the Wolves." Thank you Clarissa for your healing work...

...without you i'd have fallen
I Owe To You (Click to Listen)

"I Owe To You"

(Shawn Vougeot & Matt Fink)

when assassins of my dreams
extort me to redeem
the shreds i've kept in hiding
to rescue the soul they've been dividing

I Owe To You
my dauntless will
my unrelenting hope and still
I Owe To You
my solemn strength
you are my grace,
you are the love on my face
for all you do, my whole life
I Owe To You

when the Villian kills my light
and he feeds me to the fight
when the carnage won't let go
and my predator lurks in the shadows


without you i'd have fallen
to the grave of the lost and overridden


Shout, Scream, Bleed For A Dream (Click to Listen)
"Shout, Scream, Bleed
For A Dream"

(Shawn Vougeot)

US fallen two-thousand three-hundred eighty-three
so that we can drive our SUVs
and twenty times faster falling Iraquis
so we should feel victory?

oil kings babtizing in the price that is rising
but is it worth what we're sacrificing?

i'll Shout and i'll Scream and
i'll make a big scene and
i'll Bleed just to live
by love alone
dispute and refute and i'll prosecute and
demand that we live
by love alone
it's time that we live
by love alone

tigers five-thousand three left
for proving hunters' masculinity
elephants slaughtered for their ivory
do we really need trophies and jewelry?

trade kings babtizing in the price that is rising
but is it worth what we're sacrificing?


i Dream of a day
when we will awake
to a world overtaken
by love, peace, laughter and play

Greed babtizing in the price that is rising
join me to stop
join me to stop what we're sacrificing
and we will


...it's time that we live
by love, peace, laughter, and play


Cross That Bridge (Click to Listen)

"Cross That Bridge"

(Shawn Vougeot, Kari Simkins, & Tony Axtell)

i'm climbing cliffs too much they say
well who are those voices anyway?
this playground has so many swings, 
rocks, and junglegyms
i won't turn in my ropes, 
my wanderlust, my hopes
and i won't put down my sack 
while the wind is at my back
and so i must
Cross That Bridge
where dreams long lost are found
though picket fences hunt me down
i'll climb to higher ground and
Cross That Bridge
to unfamiliar ground
then i'll never look back
once i Cross That Bridge
now my jeans are nothing but a shred
and my hiking boot has no sole(soul) left in its tread
but i'd rather be lost in old clothes
than found aproned to a stove
so Wake Up! to your youth
there is nothing that you can't do!
and so i must


she reconciles with hope again...

Protected from the unsavoriness of the city,

Café Gargoyle is the haven lending its warmth to all who enter...

Café Gargoyle (Click to Listen)

"Café Gargoyle"

(Shawn Vougeot & Kari Simkins)

down a city street at night
she hurries toward a distant light
while midnight tolls its miseries
she shields her eyes from what she sees

stairs descend angry walls
escape from domestic brawls
the glass breaks the merchant's spine
beneath the staring sign

who cares on streets so mean?
only fools try to intervene
what good could one man do?
it's best that she walk on through

when nobody cares, go there,
Café Gargoyle

could she ever understand
the boy who deals, he's only ten
the man shrouded in a cardboard home
whose hunger drones
who loves on streets so mean?
crack is life's vaccine
don't ever attempt to fight
the uncompromising night

when love is lost, you'll cross
Café Gargoyle
when nobody cares, go there
Café Gargoyle

rainy windows
Café Gargoyle
round the corner
down at the end of the street

before dawn dispels her strife
she swallows all the pain she's seen
down through the coffee cups of life
she reconciles with hope again


...somehow i was drawn to you
That Man Is You (Click to Listen)

"That Man Is You"

(Shawn Vougeot & Matt Fink)

i've loved some men in my time
who stole me with their shine
but after loving all through the night
something just wasn't right, he was
too cool to be a fool
or too tough to feel enough
or to strong to tell me what was wrong
long i've been searching for the perfect one, because

i need a passionate man
i need a man who can understand
that i need a man who's true
is that man you?
is that man you?(That Man Is You)

so i declared i was through
but somehow i was drawn to you
and after loving all through the night
where everything just was so right, you're not


Fight (Click to Listen)


(Shawn Vougeot)

i don't want to fight over my lateness tonight
no no not tonight, no no no no
and i don't want to quarrel over who's wrong, who's right
no no not tonight, no no no
there is something that rattles inside of me
so i've got to choose my battles judiciously

'cause i, i need to Fight
for the lamb who never sees daylight
yes, and i, i need to Fight
for the hen in the cage all her life
and the calf stripped from Mama,
just for that, oh i need to Fight

i don't want to fight over the black or the red dress
it's just a dress, no no no no
and i don't want to quarrel over our financial mess
it's such a mess, now i' to ve got to go
'cause something is stirring inside of me
so i've got to save my spurrings and energy


for the fox and the mink
we will get their trappers to think
and for the sow and her nursing ten
we will carry them out of their pen
and for the macaque with the broken back
we will stand up with fighters of SHAC
and for the mouse with the burning eyes
we will shout to expose all the lies
we'll shout to expose all the lies


... and now you call my name, but i am not the same

Once someone's callousness takes you to a breaking point, you change and there is no retreat. When you see that person again, though s/he may try to pull the same old manipulations, s/he fails, for you are different now. You have become resiliant...

Don't Blink (Click to Listen)

"Don't Blink"

(Shawn Vougeot & Kari Simkins)

ah yes, i remember you
beneath your stylish blue
you wounded me long ago
and now you've come back for more
i faced all my fears
my scars, yes, they bled for years
and now, you call my name
but i, no, i'm not the same*

Don't Blink, i'm not what you think
don't move, i've nothing to prove
you got me wrong when you left that day
i won't put up with your checkered ways

Don't Blink, i'm not what you think

i'm not here for your lament
no matter how magnificent
you thought me a doting girl
forever entangled in your world
your love comes far to late
your words, no they won't compensate
i won't play your game because i am not the same


you can wallow alone, my shoulders stay dry
you used up long ago your last cry
so goodbye

*paraphrased from Taoist proverb


...even when we're not together
Love Lives On (Click to Listen)

"Love Lives On"
(Shawn Vougeot)

i cannot promise
we'll never sleep in separate beds
nor can i promise
that angry words will never be said
but there is one thing,
one thing that i am sure
one thing to which all
upset will defer

Love Lives On through the stormy weather
Love Lives On to tell the tale
Love Lives On even when we're not together
Love Lives On, love prevails
Love Lives On and on and on

you need time
time to work it out
well that's just fine
i'm here when you're in doubt
and just remember
i'll love you 'til the day
the moon and earth collide
hear me when i say


In honor of the billions of animals that suffer tremendously and are left to die in laboratories, this song is a plea for mercy by a laboratory animal. For more information about joining the anti-vivisection crusade, go to: http://www.allanimals.org.

Eyes of Sacrifice (Click to Listen)

"Eyes of Sacrifice"
(Shawn Vougeot)

you'll find me shackled
by human greed
chained and spit upon
'cause the Word decreed
that man has dominion
over land and seas
and man has the right to
do with me as he pleases, so

take me away
i'm begging, can't you hear?
to the place
where there's nothing more to fear
take me far to that paradise
where they can no longer scar
these Eyes of Sacrifice
these Eyes of Sacrifice

i'm left believing
that this is what i'm here for
so damn my basic needs
and damn my comfort
where man has dominion
over seen and unseen
if this is only man's opinion
then tell me, what does it really mean?

take me away
this pain's too much to bear
no matter what i say
nobody seems to care
send me to heaven
don't wait one minute more
it'll be much better than
what he has in store


if somehow
you could see
that there's a someone
inside of me
you'd realize, and maybe
you'd look right into these eyes

chilled, searching alleys i'm so chilled...
Searching the Streets (Click to Listen)

"Searching the Streets"
(lyrics by Shawn Vougeot, music by Shawn Vougeot & Mark Limburg)

cold, woke this morning i was so cold
no one here for me to hold
hollow echoes in the hallway
a gentle voice of words you'd say
love alive just yesterday
now pain's the price of love i pay
pay with every thought today
i'm wandering through the night


looking down these stairs,
there's no you anywhere
rusty alleys, empty corridors
Searching the Streets for you

chilled, searching alleys i'm so chilled
out here all alone with the moon
though stars illuminate the way
they'll just lead me astray
why did it have to end?
i must see you soon again

apathy seals our fate...

Contrary to initial thought, The Most Dangerous Game is not in death. Rather, it is in the apathy toward death and/or suffering, whether it be toward humans or our fellow earthly creatures, that is The Most Dangerous Game of all.

The Most Dangerous Game (Click to Listen)

"The Most Dangerous Game"
(music & lyrics by Shawn Vougeot & Kari Simkins)

apathy seals our fate, and so we wait
fissures become great chasms in our wake

little men in parliament
decide the fate of regiments
distant from a father's door
his young man is lost at war


desolate hearts, the wasteland plays its part in 

The Most Dangerous Game

dying deer, haunted eyes
asks the boy, must i die?
boy asks man, can deer be saved?
no, my son, don't ever think that way


hollow hearts play their fatal part in
The Most Dangerous Game

frozen hearts, hooded fears
blind our eyes, silence ears

frightened men minimize
war's lament in wounded eyes
dying boy, haunted eyes
asks the man, must i die?
little men in parliament
never heard the son's lament

Just a fun, happy song. I was a black panther in my former life, you know...

underneath this fierce facade, she's a cuddly kitty
Here Kitty, Kitty (Click to Listen)

"Here Kitty, Kitty"
(Shawn Vougeot)

when you're stalking in the night
but wanting just to hold me tight
stop strutting your fur
you've got to come closer to hear me purrrr


Here Kitty, Kitty
would you come here pretty pretty please?
Here Kitty, Kitty
don't you ever tease me, no, no, no ,no

i hear you scratching at my door
but when i arrive, you're there no more
stop toying with me
come for love immediately


listen up my coy panther
do you want my love
or are you just going to stand there?
this is my final request
one last chance and then you're off my list!

This song was inspired by my shock upon hearing of a young girl who was killed - caught in the crossfire of two LA gangs. Life of all living things is precious.

...it's just she got in the way, but besides that, hey anyway...
Nothing Much Happened Today (Click to Listen)

"Nothing Much Happened Today"
(Shawn Vougeot)

brittle kitten gone astray
alone crossing the railway
it's just she got in the way
but besides that, hey anyway
couldn't let them get away
settled the bill they had to pay
that child just got in our way
but besides that, hey anyway


Nothing Much Happened Today
life went along as always
who knows if you'll see tomorrow
i swear on the fine thread of my life
Nothing Much Happened Today

money, power, our mainstay
that Jew just got in our way
so please, Sieg Heil, lead us today
e promise that we'll do what you say
we had our reasons, our justifications
tell me oh, oh, what's upsetting you so?


although we all leave someday
they won't let me stay
it's just i got in the way
but besides that, hey anyway

This beautiful song was written and produced by my Mother. As one raised in New York City, her huge heart has always had tremendous compassion for the not-so-favored bird of this city.

Pigeon's spirit flies once more...
Pigeon (Click to Listen)

(music and lyrics by Kari Simkins)

man endangers living things
someone's broken pigeon's wings
high upon a building
Pigeon's friends are gathering
to the edge they're moving
Pigeon's eyes, the suffering
will leave without a sound
when Pigeon touches ground
there's a boy on Bleeker street
wracked by poverty
pulled apart by chains
so many things like Pigeon's wings
Pigeon can no longer fly
Pigeon's flying is to die
little boy begins to cry
broken wings cannot fly
falling, spirit taking wing
not earthbound, the fading ground
left far below, rising to go
Pigeon's spirit flies once more

Blackbird is watching...

Also written by my Mama. She is fanatical about crows. This song she claims came from a different place. "'Blackbird' wrote itself," she said. "I just sat up in bed one morning and took dictation."

Blackbird (Click to Listen)

(music and lyrics by Kari Simkins)

Little Miss Perfect wore a pretty sheen
but some people thought that

she was kind of mean
there on a twig way down inside
perched a thorn that words couldn't hide

one day Miss Perfect went for a walk
along came a raven who wanted to talk
"listen my lovely, and listen well
there is a story that i must tell

little Miss Perfect wasn't very nice
(2nd: there once was a boy)
charming smile, but heart of ice
just the other day so i've been told
down came a Blackbird and snapped

off her nose!"

there once was a boy who scrambled

for gold
it made him selfish, mean, and cold
whenever he saw some small thing cry
he tossed his head and passed on by

one day the boy was out for a stroll
up popped a head from a golf course hole
"say young man, you might lend an ear
i have a story that you should hear


inside, outside, everything shows
glittery words may fool, although

you can be sure both inside and out
we always know what you're about

so you can see i say without pause
it's best not to step on Blackbird's claws

i'm sure by now my story's making sense
there's something to fear in heartlessness
only a heart that's warm inside
can smile a real smile on the outside

next time you're walking and feeling good
look for Blackbird watching from the wood
if you've been nice Blackbird can tell
and you'll get to keep your nose as well

a little kindness goes a long way
and frightens all the blackbirds away
it feels real good right down to your toes
and not one blackbird? will SNAP off your nose!

Set in a New York Subway, this song asks the question, is fear bad... or essential?

...would i be safe anymore if my phantom should ever go?
Phantom (Click to Listen)

(music and lyrics by Shawn Vougeot & Kari Simkins)

descending into half-lit faces
tracks bely the danger here
as though we're safe in unknown places
yet leading us further into fear
i heard him call my name
no one there, i feel him just the same
the Phantom of the night train
though i may be alone
i feel him everywhere i go
underworld meditation
captives of deep station
like waiting for a ghosttown bus
and trains that never come for us


so now at last i contemplate
locked against my door
did Phantom just postpone my fate
or did he bring me safely home?


but i don't know
would i be safe anymore
if my Phantom should ever go?

Music & Lyrics

"...the songs on the album
were great, as well as the
singer Vougeot, was unbelievable.
I don't understand why
such as Vougeot are not on
major labels. The singing and
some of the songs were far above
the average singers and songwriters.
Anyway, that's my opinion."
---Judy Beasley

"Resurrecteth" on "Backstage" TV Show

"The Prayer" (in different keys) 
Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli

The Prayer_Key -1
The Prayer_Key-3