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Vougeot Sampler CD, autographed
(+$2 s/h)

1. Let It Burn
2. Walls of Glass
3. Love Lives On
4. Searching the Streets
5. Don't Blink
6. Fight
7. Blackbird

Threadbare CD, autographed
$10 (+$2 s/h)

1. Let It Burn
2. Walls of Glass
3. Love Lives On
4. Before We Say Goodbye
5. Searching the Streets
6. Don't Blink
7. I Owe To You
8. That Man Is You
9. Here Kitty, Kitty
10. The Most Dangerous Game
11. Fight
12. Blackbird



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Vougeot's debut album,

"Your CD is just wonderful -- you have a truly beautiful voice, Vougeot. I especially liked the slower song toward the end -- I don't remember the title, but I thought the special qualities of your voice were most apparent there. There are rich and famous pop singers who don't have as good a voice. I'm going to be following your career closely, and bragging one day that I used to email you before the public had to be kept at a distance."

                                                                    ---Matthew Scully, author of "Dominion

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"Streets" is "...a magnificent disc."

"I absolutely love the disc. Thanks to CD Baby, I have found new music of the highest quality, and "Streets" is right at the top of the list.

As far as cuts that have had the greatest impact on me, I would have to say the opening cut alone ["Searching the Streets"] was worth the price of the disc. It is both
powerful and beautiful. I am also a big fan of "Plague of the Night," "Cafe Gargoyle," "Cross that Bridge," "Nothing Much Happened Today," "Stepping Down," and "The Most Dangerous Game."

The disc seems to have great range, as my 10 yr old daughter keeps borrowing it and listening to it end-to-end. It's very exciting to see she has already moved beyond Brittany Spears to something more substantive.

Congratulations on your award [Grand Prize in the Great American Song Contest for "Walls of Glass"]. I can't wait to hear the song. I will keep looking for the new disc as I expect I'll buy it as soon as it's available."

---Lisa Fisch


8x10 Autographed Photos

Color: $4 (+$1 s/h)
B&W: $3 (+$1 s/h)

Eagle Eye
ooh, Sassy
Scratching at the Door