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Dominion is my favorite
book in the whole world 
supporting compassion for animals

Matthew Scully's truth, wit,
 and powerful pros taps you 
to your core.

"Kindness to animals is a small, yet necessary part of a decent and holy life, essential if only as a check against human arrogance and our tendency to worship ourselves, our own works, appetites and desires instead of our Creator and His works."

---- Matthew Scully, Dominion


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Never Be Silent.


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According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell,
one of the world’s foremost epidemiological scientists,
"...it’s not the fat and cholesterol that cause cancer;
it’s the animal protein.
The fat and cholesterol cause heart disease;
the animal protein causes cancer.
Human studies also support this carcinogenic effect
of animal protein,
even at usual levels of consumption …
no chemical carcinogen is nearly so important
in causing human cancer as animal protein.

Most animal products are packed full of antibiotics,
dioxins, and food-borne pathogens like E. Coli,
salmonella, and campylobacter.
Millions of people get sick each year from eating contaminated meat,
especially chicken and sea animals,
and thousands die.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency,
meat and dairy consumers are taking in 22 times
the acceptable level of dioxins in their food.
Ninety-five percent of dioxin exposure comes from
consuming meat, dairy, or egg products.
The other 5 percent is environmental;
virtually none comes from consuming vegan foods.

If you care about your health,
if you want to live with as much vigor as possible,
look as good as possible,
and do as much good as possible,
it would be wise to move toward adopting a vegan diet."

Meet Your Meat
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China’s Shocking Cat and Dog Fur Trade
Narrated by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails)


After the release of With Teeth, an album that has been called one of the year’s best by every music reviewer with an opinion, Nine Inch Nails' 2005 tour sold out in 10 minutes flat. The first single, “The Hand That Feeds,” is up for a well-deserved Grammy, and NIN frontman Trent Reznor has once again proven his standing as the most popular industrial musician of our time. Despite his busy schedule, Trent took time out to
narrate PETA’s latest undercover fur videoan exposé that looks into
the lives of cats and dogs in China’s barbaric fur trade.


Please do not buy or accept as a gift anything that is fur or fur-trimmed.

These lovely creatures endure the most heinous of cruelties.
They deserve life, not life of torture.


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The Happy Veggie Girl

Vougeot Gone Veggie!

So what prompted this diva to dive into vegetarianism?

"The title of my Senior thesis, as a philosophy major to obtain a BA at the University of MN, was `Non-human Animals: Intrinsically or Extrinsically Valuable?' In order to explore the question of whether or not non-human animals have value in-and-of-themselves and not just insofar as their usefulness to humans, I had to read many viewpoints on this subject from philosphers such as Peter Singer, René Descartes, and Tom Regan, to name a few. Peter Singer's controversial exposé of factory farming, Animal Liberation, did it for me. To read of the heinous conditions in which these animals live was enough to end my meat-eating days. I couldn't swallow flesh knowing that the animal to whom it once belonged endured so much torture, pain, disregard, and lack of simple pleasures such as sunshine and fresh air. When we consume meat and dairy, we are ingesting their tortured lives. Don't be fooled by these industries' advertising campaigns. They are clever. They are deceptive. Cows, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, lamb, and others are not raised on friendly farms as they once were. That would not be profitable. The meat and dairy industries are cruel, heartless, money-hungry industries that I will take no part in perpetuating. What is wonderful now is that there are so many alternatives and substitutions for meat and dairy such as Gardenburgers & Boca Veggie and `Chick'n Burgers, Lightlife deli `ham' and `bologna' slices, SmartBacon, various soy, almond, and rice milks and many other ethnic foods as well that are so delicious that a meal never needs to miss out on flavor, just on cruelty. So lighten your spirit and give your body the healthy break it craves: try going veggie for a day, a week, or even a month, and see how you feel! I highly recommend ordering the free Vegetarian Starter Kit for great ideas and information to help you. Peace on Earth to all."

Vegheads Know Health
By Christine Miller of eDiets.com

Historically a way of eating for spiritual, ethical or economic reasons, vegetarian diets have recently taken the spotlight with impressive benefits for diabetes and other chronic diseases. More specifically, a type of vegetarian diet known as a vegan diet glistens with the promise of lower blood glucose, a lower risk of heart and kidney disease and an even a greater loss of body weight when compared to traditional diets.

A recent study in the August 2006 edition of Diabetes Care compared a vegan diet to the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in 99 individuals with Type 2 diabetes. Though both diets were effective, the vegan diet proved to be superior at lowering body weight, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and in reducing the need for diabetes medications. Results of 22-week study are summarized below:

Vegan group (10% fat, 15% [plant-based] protein, 75% carbohydrate)
Body weight (lbs): -14.3 lbs
A1c: 2-3 month average. glucose level: - 1.23 points
Percent of subjects who reduced dose of diabetes medications: 43%
LDL ('bad') cholesterol: 21% decrease

ADA diet group (20% fat, <7% saturated="" fat="" 20="" protein="" 60="" carbohydrate="" br=""> Body weight (lbs): -6.6 lbs
A1c: 2-3 month average. glucose level: - .38 points
Percent of subjects who reduced dose of diabetes medications: 26%
LDL ('bad') cholesterol: 11% decrease

How does it work?

Plant-based diets are plentiful in fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium and antioxidant-rich plant nutrients. The synergistic blend of these beneficial compounds is probably responsible for the positive health effects of vegan diets.

Since individuals with diabetes face a risk for heart disease that is 2-4 times greater than those without diabetes, eating mainly plant-derived foods provides an edge not seen with traditional diets. Not only do vegan diets drastically reduce the risk for heart disease, but a common staple of a vegan diet, soy protein, provides high amounts of a protein building block known as arginine. Arginine has been shown to improve circulation and blood flow. Research also confirms that plant-based protein sources are gentler on the kidneys than animal-based proteins.

Plant-based diets have also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. This means that cells become more receptive to the action of insulin. When cells become more receptive to insulin, it is easier for glucose to enter into cells and be used for energy. This results in lower blood glucose levels.

What about all those carbohydrates?

The main concern most people with diabetes have about eating a vegetarian diet is that they will eat more carbohydrates and because carbohydrates turn into glucose, that this would cause higher blood glucose levels.

In contrast to popular thought, a diet high in unprocessed natural foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, and whole grains has been shown to result in lower blood glucose levels. These healthy carbohydrates also naturally tend to have a low glycemic index which provides a more gradual rise in blood glucose levels after eating.


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